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LaToya D. Clark  M.A.,  L.P.C., NCC,

Licensed Professional Counselor

Feeling stagnated personally, mentally, emotionally, socially, academically, behaviorally and/or professionally?  Have you accepted the need to move forward, despite previous barriers? I too have had to overcome! Let’s journey together to explore, strengthen, enhance, but more importantly establish strong beginnings! Partner with me to discover a repertoire of strategies and interventions tailored to meet individual and family needs.  Interventions that would allow you to conquer your fears, develop new habits, new attitudes, receive clarity, and build positive relationships that would lead to a lifestyle of quality. I have the stamina and tenacity to empower those that are atrisk reach their greatest potential. 




Visualize yourself becoming invigorated!! 


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Invigorating Individual and Family Counseling

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